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Department of Finance Initiative in Sustainable Finance

Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Finance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a key role in both economics and climate change research. Specifically, through the application of Natural Language Processing (NLP), an AI tool that enables interpretation of human language, we can now efficiently analyze vast amounts of data. 

ClimateBert and ChatClimate are two such NLP tools born from this research unit. ClimateBert is among the first NLP’s to allow for an assessment of an extensive array of corporate sustainability communications. Similarly, ChatClimate is an interface that helps users understand the latest climate change report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). These platforms empower anyone to engage and evaluate data and information, fostering accountability and propelling transparency when pursuing sustainability from a financial standpoint.

Selected Tools and Publications

ChatReport, the AI tool that allows anyone to generate score for sustainability reports.

ChatClimate, the AI tool that makes the IPCC report accessible to broad communities.

ChatClimate: Grounding conversational AI in climate science
Saeid Ashraf Vaghefi,  Dominik Stammbach, Veruska Muccione, Julia Bingler, Jingwei Ni, Mathias Kraus, Simon Allen et al.
Nature Communications Earth & Environment (2023)

Quantile estimation with adaptive importance sampling
Daniel Egloff and  Markus Leippold
The Annals of Statistics (2010)

CLIMATEBERT: A Pretrained Language Model for Climate-Related Text
Nicolas Webersinke, Mathias Kraus, Julia Bingler, and Markus Leippold
AAAI Proceedings (2022)