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Department of Finance Initiative in Sustainable Finance

Data on Corporate Biodiversity Footprints between 2018 and 2021

This dataset reports, for each industry-country, the average corporate biodiversity footprint (CBF) of Iceberg Data Lab. CBF reflects the biodiversity loss caused by firms’ annual activities. The data are described and used in Garel et al. (2023). For each company, the dataset uploaded here is constructed based on the most recent CBF value over 2018-2021. The paper uses the natural logarithm of minus one times CBF. If you use these data, please cite Garel, Romec, Sautner, and Wagner (2023). CBF data at the firm level cannot be shared because of licensing restrictions.


Details on the construction of the CBF metric are provided in Garel et al. (2023).


Users can use country names and GICS 4 industry codes to match the data against other datasets.