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Department of Finance

Why Study Banking and Finance

Studium Banking und Finance

The Department of Finance at the University of Zurich is the only department in Switzerland that offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in academic education with a focus on Banking and Finance. Our department is recognized as a pioneer in innovative teaching, thanks to its Teaching Center.

Zurich is not only the most important financial center in Switzerland, but also one of the most significant global financial centers. The location of the University of Zurich and the promising career prospects make the Bachelor's and Master's programs at the DBF highly attractive.

Key points

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Why Banking and Finance

Switzerland's only BA program in Banking and Finance

Strong quantitative reputation for MA programs

Pioneer in innovative teaching

Major and minor options

Proximity to the Financial Center

Excellent career prospects

Subject Areas

The DBF's Bachelor's and Master's degree programs cover five subject areas: 

  • Banking & Insurance 
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Financial Economics 
  • Quantitative Finance 
  • Sustainable Finance 

Major und Minor

In the Bachelor's program, students can choose to major or minor in Banking and Finance. In the Master's program, students can major in Banking and Finance and minor in Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, Quantitative Finance, or Sustainable Finance.

Career Prospects

The DBF's excellent reputation and proximity to the financial center make it an ideal choice for students seeking a career in Banking and Finance.

Graduates with a Bachelor's degree are already qualified for direct entry into banks, consulting firms, insurance companies, finance departments of industrial companies, and the public sector.

However, more than half of the students pursue their studies further in the Master's programs. The Master's degree programs opens doors to responsible specialist and management positions in the banking, insurance, and consulting industries, as well as in the public sector. DBF graduates can pursue careers as investment bankers, financial analysts, risk managers, portfolio managers, financial consultants, and more.

Upon completing their Master's degree, graduates have the opportunity to engage in scientific research as part of the internationally renowned doctoral program. 

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Student Advisory Services

For questions about the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes:


Are you interested in a semester abroad? You can find all the information here.

Disability / chronic illness

More about Disability / chronic illness

We are committed to making studying as smooth as possible for people with disabilities or health problems.

Sustainability at the DBF

The Department of Finance strives to promote global awareness, social responsibility, and ethical consciousness in research, teaching and further education.

Find out more about sustainability at the Department of Finance here.