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Department of Finance

FAQ for Students

Do I have to find my own topic for my thesis?

Generally, yes. Students must find their topic and upload it as a research proposal into the Department of Finance thesis market. Sometimes, supervisors also post specific topics that can be selected to work on. Please apply via the thesis tool for these topics. Despite those provided topics, we recommend thinking of your own topic proactively, as the given topics are very limited.

Can I submit more than one research proposal at once to the Department of Finance Thesis Market?

Yes, this is possible. Please make sure that you delete the remaining proposals on the thesis market as soon as you have found a supervisor. If you cannot delete them anymore, email so we can delete them for you.

Should I write my research proposal in German or English?

It is best to write the research proposal in the language in which you intend to write your thesis. When uploading your research proposal, you can choose the language in which you prefer to write your thesis. If you are open to writing your thesis in German or English, we recommend writing the research proposal in English as certain supervisors only supervise the thesis in English.

Can I write my thesis with a company or an external supervisor?

Yes, that is generally possible. Please contact with the contact details of the person with whom you would like to write your thesis. We will then contact them with the relevant information. Please still upload your research proposal to the Department of Finance Thesis Market with the comment that you will write your thesis with an external supervisor.

What are the paper's formatting requirements (font, size, line spacing, etc.)?

This depends on who is supervising your thesis. First, check the following page to see if there are any guidelines uploaded by your supervisor.

In addition, you may find further information in the assignment. If there are no explicit instructions, it would be best to discuss this matter with your supervisor.

Which citation standard should be used?

This depends on who is supervising your thesis. First, check the following page to see if there are any guidelines uploaded by your supervisor.

If nothing is given, you can choose which citation standard you want to use. It is important that this is consistent throughout the entire paper. In case there is specific information in the thesis assignment, please use the one mentioned there.

Which sources should not be used?

Non-public or unverified sources should not be cited. Forums, public encyclopaedias (e.g. Wikipedia) and texts generated with artificial intelligence are not recommended. The primary source should be used and cited.

Do I have to defend my bachelor's or master's thesis?

Generally, there is no requirement to defend your bachelor's or master's thesis at the Department of Finance. However, please note that for the Master in Quantitative Finance, you must defend your master’s thesis. If a supervisor requires explicitly an oral defence, this will be communicated before you start your thesis.

I have not been contacted by a supervisor yet, and I uploaded the thesis over 1 month ago. What can I do?

Please upload your research proposal to the Thesis Tool at least 1 month before you want to start your thesis. Your research proposal may not be accepted by a supervisor despite early uploading. Review your research proposal again and see if the idea is feasible. Can you improve the research proposal? If you have another idea, you can also upload two different research proposals to increase your chances of finding a suitable supervisor.

In urgent cases, you can contact the following email address: