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Department of Finance

CFA Investment Challenge

Join us for the Olympic games of corporate finance: Enter the CFA Research Challenge and prepare to become a sell-side financial analyst. Interested to learn more about the challenge?

The seminar CFA Investment Challenge is intended to familiarize you with the work of financial analysts and to teach you how to conduct a hands-on, in-depth analysis of a specific company in its market environment. As do professional financial analysts, you will give an oral presentation of your results (max. 10 minutes) and hand in a written report (max. 10 pages). The CFA Investment Challenge is part of a Swiss-wide competition to be held in Spring. The Swiss winning team will qualify for the European eliminatory competition. The European winning team will in turn qualify for the final competition.

Dates & Registration

The application takes place shortly after the start of the fall semester. You can find all information here.

In a nutshell

  • 6 ECTS Credits
  • for Master students
  • in English
  • application in the spring term, takes place in the fall term
  • limited number of participants

Please note the information in the VVZ - if in doubt, these apply.