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By choosing a minor, students can gain in-depth knowledge into various topics in the world of banking and financial markets. The Department of Banking and Finance offers five minor programs within the Master's program in which students can specialize: Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, Sustainable Finance, and Quantitative Finance.

All minors are offered as:

Minor study program: 30 ECTS credits.

Combinable with the following major study programs:


Banking and Finance



Management and Economics


In the Minor program Banking, students can specialize in the field of banking and thus gain excellent qualifications for a career entry into a wide variety of functions in the banking and financial services industry.

Corporate Finance

In the Corporate Finance Minor program, students gain an insight into the business world from theoretical concepts and practice-oriented lectures and seminars. This opens career prospects in finance with local and international companies from varies industries.

Financial Economics

The Minor program Financial Economics offers students in-depth knowledge of theoretical and mathematical concepts of the functioning of banking and financial services. The knowledge acquired opens the door for graduates to positions in wealth management and asset management, for example.

Sustainable Finance

In the Minor program Sustainable Finance, students gain insight into the role that financial markets play in addressing global sustainability issues through a diverse range of courses. Due to the increasing relevance of sustainability criteria in banking and finance, the specialization of the minor program sets excellent conditions for a career entry at local as well as international companies.

Quantitative Finance

Students with a specialization in the Minor program Quantitative Finance acquire in-depth knowledge of the world of financial products and risk management. This enables graduates to enter the banking and financial services industry, for example for positions in portfolio and risk management.

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Sustainable Finance Studienprogramm

Die UZH bietet ab HS21 den Minor in Sustainable Finance im Masterstudium an. Die Kurse des Minors finden Sie hier: