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Department of Finance

Subjects in MA Banking and Finance

The Master program in Banking and Finance provides a comprehensive understanding of the world of banking and financial markets, building on the fundamentals acquired in the Bachelor's program.

Topics and Focuses

The Master's program focuses on five main topics:

  • Banking: In Banking, students take an in-depth look at the structure and functioning of credit institutions.
  • Corporate Finance: In Corporate Finance, students deal with corporate finance and investment economics.
  • Financial Economics: Financial Economics deals with resource allocation and pricing in capital and financial markets.
  • Quantitative Finance: Quantitative Finance deals with the analysis of topics relevant to financial markets using methods of applied mathematics.
  • Sustainable Finance: Sustainability and responsibility in banking and finance are becoming increasingly important.

The Sustainable Finance Minor offers an in-depth understanding of the financial market's role in sustainability. It also covers various modules related to sustainability and responsibility.


  • Environmental and Financial Sustainability
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Microfinance and Impact Investing
  • Sustainable Finance and Networks
  • Empirical Methods in Sustainable Banking
  • Advanced Sustainability Economics [ETHZ]

The following modules take up selected aspects of sustainability and responsibility:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Climate change and finance: metrics to assess risks and opportunities
  • Global Poverty and Economic Development
  • Literature, Economics and History: Illiteratus Homo Oeconomicus?
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Corporate Risk and Resilience - how future leaders can navigate the risk landscape
  • Ethics, Sustainability and Financial Markets
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The modules Corporate Finance and Continuous Time Quantitative Finance address individual aspects of sustainability and responsibility.

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Banking and Finance Semesterplanung

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Sustainable Finance Studienprogramm

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