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Department of Finance

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Module Acronym Category Faculty ECTS
Advanced Banking (L+E) 03SM22MO0017 Course, Exercise Group WWF 6
Advanced Calculus (L) 03SM22MO0222 Course WWF 6
Advanced Corporate Finance II (L) 03SM22MO0173 Course WWF 3
Advanced Empirical Finance (S) 03SM22MO0205 Seminar WWF 6
Advanced Financial Economics (L+E) 03SM22MO0016 Course, Exercise Group WWF 6
Advanced Valuation I and II (S) 03SM22MO0148 Seminar WWF 6
Applied Credit Risk Modeling (S) 03SM22MO0140 Seminar WWF 3
Asset Pricing (L) 03SMDOEC0480 Course WWF 9
Asset Pricing (V+Ü) 03SM22BO0011 Course, Exercise Group WWF 6
Banking and Contract Economics (S) 03SMDOEC0481 Seminar WWF 9
Banking and Finance II (L+E) 03SM22AOEC06 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Behavioral Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Compliance (S) 03SM22BO0127 Seminar WWF 3
Behavioral Macroeconomics (V) 03SM22BO0080 Course WWF 3
Betriebswirtschaftliche Steuerlehre (V+Ü) (Taxation of Companies) 03SM22BO0125 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 6
Blockchain (L+E) 03SM22MO0133 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Climate change and finance: metrics to assess risks and opportunities (S) 03SMDOEC0828 Seminar WWF 3
Continuous Time Quantitative Finance (L) 03SM22MO0125 Course WWF 3
Corporate Finance 2 (VU) 03SM22BO0104 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 6
Corporate Risk and Resilience - how future leaders can navigate the risk landscape (L) 03SM22MO0110 Course WWF 3
Crunchpoints in seriously large banking/payment-IT-projects (L+E) 03SM22MO0126 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Derivatives portfolio valuations: advanced computational methods for real world business applications 03SM22MO0111 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Digital Real Estate: Designing Innovative Business Models (S) 03SM22MO0135 Seminar WWF 3
Doctoral Colloquium in Corporate Finance II (S) FS24 03SMDOEC1129 Seminar WWF 3
Emerging Market Finance (S) 03SM22BO0086 Seminar WWF 3
Empirical Corporate Finance (S) 03SMDOEC0478 Seminar WWF 6
Empirical Methods in Sustainable Banking (L) 03SM22MO0152 Course WWF 3
Financial Economics (L+E) 03SM22BO0012 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 6
Financial Engineering (L+E) 03SM22MO0142 Course WWF 6
Fortgeschrittene Mikroökonomik für die BWL (V+Ü) (Advanced Microeconomics for Business Administration) 03SM22MO0005 Examination WWF 6
Interdisziplinäre Sichtweisen zur Frage der Verantwortung und die (Dys-) Funktionen der Finanzmärkte (L) (Interd. point of view on the question of responsibility and the (dys-) functions of the financial markets) 03SM22BO0068 Course WWF 3
Investments – Selected Quantitative Tools (L) 03SM22MO0108 Course WWF 3
Market Microstructure (S) 03SM22MO0132 Seminar WWF 3
Mathematical Finance: Mathematical Finance and Derivatives (S) 03SMDOEC0383 Examination WWF 9
Monetary Policy and Financial Markets (S) 03SM22MO0083 Seminar WWF 3
Portfolio Management Implementation 2 (S) 03SM22MO0129 Seminar WWF 6
Portfolio Management Theory 2 (S) 03SM22MO0128 Seminar WWF 3
Quantitative Asset Management and Systematic Investing (S) 03SM22MO0214 Seminar WWF 3
Quantitative Finance (L+E) 03SM22MO0015 Course, Exercise Group WWF 6
Real Estate Finance (L) 03SM22MO0130 Course WWF 3
Regulatory Challenges in Financial Markets: From Banking and Insurance to Blockchain (L) 03SM22MO0134 Course WWF 3
Research Seminar BBLS Banking and Finance FS24 03SMDOEC1131 Seminar WWF 3
Research Seminar Finance (MA) 03SM22MO0030 Seminar WWF 3
Sentiment Analytics (L) 03SM22MO0136 Course WWF 3
Sustainable Investing (L) 03SM22MO0106 Course WWF 3
Takeovers, Restructuring, and Corporate Governance (S) 03SM22MO0032 Seminar WWF 3
The Risk and Finance Lab (S) 03SM22MO0109 Seminar WWF 6
Theory of Financial Intermediation and Banking (S) 03SM22MO0151 Seminar WWF 3
Unternehmensbewertung und M&A (L+E) (Valuation of the firm and M&A) 03SM22BO0078 Lecture with Practical Exercises WWF 3
Writing for publication in Banking and Finance FS24 03SMDOEC1130 Seminar WWF 1