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Department of Finance

Finance Research Seminar

Friday, 12:15 - 13:30

Date Presenter Paper
15.01. Special Finance Seminar, Time: 14:15-15:15, Room: PLD-E-04
Maxence Valentin, Cornell University
Topic: Voter-induced Municipal Credit Risk
16.01. Special Finance Seminar, Time: 16:15-17:15, Room: PLD-E-04
Simon Büchler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Topic: On the value of market signals: Evidence from commercial real estate redevelopment
19.01. Special Finance Seminar, Time: 12:15-13:15, Room: PLM-F-103/104
Francisco Amaral, University of Bonn
Topic: Price Uncertainty and Returns to Housing
22.01. Special Finance Seminar, Time: 16:15-17:15, Room: PLD-E-04
Rebecca A. Jorgensen, University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Economic Consequences of Mergers Between Real Estate Agencies and Mortgage Lenders
23.02. Chendi Zhang
University of Exeter
Temperature Sensitivity, Mispricing, and Predictable Returns
01.03. Stephan Siegel
University of Washington
Rethinking the Stock Market Participation Puzzle: A Qualitative Approach
08.03. Johannes Beutel
Deutsche Bundesbank
Household Climate Finance: Theory and Survey Data on Safe and Risky Green Assets
15.03. Thomas Winberry
University of Pennsylvania
Capital, Ideas, and the Costs of Financial Frictions
22.03. Mark Egan
Harvard University
What Drives Variation in Investor Portfolios? Estimating the Roles of Beliefs and Risk Preferences
12.04. Jonathan Karpoff
University of Washington
The Prevalence and Costs of Undetected Financial Misrepresentation
19.04. Francesco Celentano
HEC Lausanne
Why Firms Often Don’t Have a CEO Succession Plan
26.04. Christopher Palmer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
03.05. Nicola Pavanini
Tilburg University
17.05. David Zerbib
Institut Polytechnique de Paris
24.05. Manju Puri
Duke University
31.05. Kasper Meisner Nielsen
Copenhagen Business School
Details of past seminars can be found here.

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