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Department of Finance

Christian Hugo Hoffmann

Christian Hugo Hoffmann, Dr.

Short Biography

Dr. Christian Hugo Hoffmann is Deputy Director of the Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab and Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI), currently writing a book on a theory of all minds, assessing natural and artificial intelligences. His research focus also includes AI in Financial Services, the Future of Banking, Entrepreneurial Risks and Austrian Economics. Christian completed his Postdoc at the distinguished ETH Risk Center, at Didier Sornette’s Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks. Apart from being passionate about AI in academia, Christian is a tech entrepreneur by heart with three software start-ups in Germany, Switzerland, and Malawi under his belt. Moreover, Christian serves as Ambassador of Free Private Cities to Switzerland, as Director of Startup Grind Geneva, as start-up coach / judge and mentor in various programs (Mass Challenge, Vroom, Kickstart Accelerator), and with involvements in a few select start-ups. For details, follow me on Linkedin.

Research Interests

Natural and Artificial Intelligences; Economics of AI; AI in Financial Services; The Future of Banking; Entrepreneurial Risks and Austrian Economics.



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