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Swiss Winter Workshop on Macroeconomics and Finance 2024

High-profile get together in Switzerland to discuss current and important themes in the field of macroeconomics and finance

The Swiss Winter Workshop on Macroeconomics and Finance, held from 23 - 24 March 2024, in Zermatt, Switzerland, has successfully concluded. Organized by Prof. Yi Huang of Fudan University & CEPR and Prof. Yucheng Yang from the University of Zurich & SFI, this event brought together twenty distinguished scholars from the realms of finance and economics, representing institutions such as the Federal Reserve, Geneva Graduate Institute, HKU, Imperial College, LBS, LSE, Princeton, SNB, UCL, among others.

The workshop delved into critical issues and developments in the fields of macroeconomics and finance, featuring sessions on Macroeconomics and Growth, Financial Innovation and Stability, and novel methodologies in economic research. Keynote speeches were delivered by Prof. Patrick Bolton of Imperial College, Prof. Hélène Rey from the London Business School, and Prof. Wei Xiong from Princeton University.

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The conference facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas, covering topics from the effects of financial markets on global stability to the nuances of macroeconomic growth patterns. The policy panel discussion on "Great Divergence in the Global Economy: International Evidence," chaired by Dr. Attilio Zanetti of the SNB, offered critical insights into the present and future state of the global economy.

  • Prof. Yi Huang remarked, "Gathering such a diverse array of thinkers in this serene setting not only promoted the sharing of knowledge but also spurred new collaborations poised to significantly advance our discipline."
  • Prof. Yucheng Yang commented, "The dialogues here highlight the evolving nature of macroeconomics and finance. Our combined efforts are essential in addressing the complexities of the current global economy."

Participants left the workshop enriched with deeper understandings and fresh perspectives, motivated to pursue further research and collaborations. While the event was exclusive in participation, it established a benchmark for future forums aimed at challenging and broadening the scope of economic and financial research.

The University of Zurich's Department of Finance is honored to have contributed to such a thought-provoking event and anticipates facilitating similar efforts in the future.

Contact: Yucheng Yang


Photo from Patrick Robert Doyle by Unsplash