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Department of Finance

Workshop on the Frontier of Quantitative Macroeconomics: Methods and Models

6-7 June 2024 at University of Zurich

University of Zurich

During this two-day workshop, we explored state-of-the-art methods and models in Quantitative Macroeconomics with top experts in our field. 

We gathered individuals working at the forefront of new methods and models in macroeconomics and finance, fostering discussion and collaboration. It was a very insightful and active workshop, with lots of questions and lively debates among speakers and audience. The renowned speakers also interacted with attending PhD students from the University of Zurich and gave them lots of advice and feedback on their research.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Thomas Sargent (Nobel Prize Laureate, Professor of Economics, New York University), who gave a keynote speech on the topic of "Macroeconomics After Lucas". In this talk, he reviewed the progress that macroeconomists have made in developing methods and theories over the past 50 years. He delivered an outstanding presentation that sparked a lot of discussion during the conference and dinner. Many speakers believe that the lecture should become a required learning material for first-year PhD students in Economics and Finance in the future. The keynote speech was recorded, and Thomas Sargent kindly agreed that we are allowed to publish it soon.

Thomas Sargent also attended a "PhD luncheon", where PhD Students from the Department of Finance had the opportunity to present their theses and thoughts, and to gather feedback and insights from our esteemed guest.


Session I: Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Chair: Yucheng Yang (UZH)

Virgiliu Midrigan (NYU): The Inflation Accelerator

Jennifer La'O (Columbia): Optimal Monetary Policy with Redistribution

Xavier Ragot (Sciences Po): Non-Keynesian stabilizers and inflation spirals

Session II: Heterogeneity

Chair: Simon Scheidegger (HEC Lausanne)

Gianluca Violante (Princeton): Job Amenity Shocks and Labor Reallocation

Galo Nuno (BIS and Bank of Spain): Strike the Iron while it’s Hot: Optimal Monetary Policy with (S,s) Pricing

Yucheng Yang (UZH): Deep Learning for Search and Matching Models

Keynote Speech

Thomas Sargent (Nobel Prize Laureate, NYU): Macroeconomics After Lucas

Session III: Macro Finance

Chair: Florian Scheuer  (UZH)

Lukas Schmid (USC Marshall): Granular Treasury Demand with Arbitrageurs

Jonathan Payne (Princeton): Asset Pricing, Participation Constraints, and Inequality

Session IV: Climate Economics

Chair: Felix Kübler  (UZH)

Simon Scheidegger (HEC Lausanne): Deep uncertainty quantification: with an application to integrated assessment models

Tony Smith (Yale): A Global, High-Resolution, Integrated Model of the Economy, Climate, and Weather


Download full program (PDF, 314 KB)


Felix Kübler, Professor of Financial Economics at University of Zurich, Department of Finance

Simon Scheidegger, Professor of Economics at University of Lausanne, Faculty of Business and Economics

Yucheng Yang, Assistant Professor of Finance at University of Zurich, Department of Finance



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