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  • 20 Years Quantitative Finance UZH ETH

    On November 3rd, 2023 it was time to celebrate "20 years Quantitative Finance UZH ETH" with over 100 alumni and about 20 invited guests.

  • WWF, University of Oxford, and UZH join forces and launch AI tool to identify greenwashing

    A new AI tool co-developed by Chiara Colesanti Senni, was launched at the Global Ethical Finance Conference 2023 in Edinburgh. The tool helps financial supervisors, asset managers, and financial institutions evaluate the net-zero transition plans of the companies they are investing in.

  • Markus Leippold at TEDx in Paris: ClimateBert & Corporate Climate Disclosures

    In May, Markus Leippold presented a TEDx Talk in Paris focusing on the issues related to corporate climate disclosures. The talk, titled "Corporate climate disclosures: how do we weed out cheap talkers?" examines AI's potential in tackling climate-related challenges and introduced his research on ClimateBert.

  • "I am excited by the opportunity to help place Sustainable Finance from Zurich on the global map"

    On July 1st, Zacharias Sautner joined our department as a Professor of Sustainable Finance. A first tour d'horizon about his motivations for coming to Zurich, how to succeed and be happy as a PhD student, and what university departments can learn from soccer teams.

  • Quantitative Finance program ranked Nr. 1 in Europe

    The Master of Science UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance program ranked Nr. 1 in Europe and 7th worldwide in the ranking.

  • Forschung führt zu mehr Finanzmarktstabilität

    Ein Artikel auf zeigt auf, wie die wissenschaftlichen Beiträge von Prof. Stefano Battiston und anderen Forschenden zu mehr Stabilität im Finanzsystem geführt haben und verweist auf die ungelösten Aspekte im Bereich der Finanzmarktregulierung.

  • Chat IPCC: Making Climate Risk Understandable

    Prof. Markus Leippold and his research team launched Chat IPCC – a chatbot based on the most recent IPCC reports:

  • Professorship in Quantitative Risk Analysis

    The University of Zurich appointed Prof. Delia Coculescu as Associate Professor of Quantitative Risk Analysis, starting in April 2023.

  • Anchor Sustainable Finance

    The University of Zurich appointed Prof. Zacharias Sautner as Full Professor of Sustainable Finance, starting at the DBF in July 2023.

  • Farewell Lecture Prof. Rochet

    In January, Prof. Jean-Charles Rochet retired from the Department of Banking and Finance. He was a vital presence & played a pivotal role in helping DBF achieve its current level of success.

  • Sustainable Finance Thought Leader

    Markus Leippold is one of the top 10 most read authors for Sustainable Finance on illuminem, a leading source of energy & sustainability information.