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Department of Finance

Sustainability at our Department

Sustainability and Responsibility in Banking and Finance

The Department of Finance at the University of Zurich is a leading research center that covers a wide range of topics and research interests in the domains of Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics & Quantitative Finance. In line with the our department's mission statement, we strive to foster value-oriented reflective capabilities, global consciousness, social responsibility, and ethical awareness in research, teaching, and executive education.  


The department is responsible for three research centres that promote specific and interdisciplinary research and teaching on the broad field of sustainability in finance:

Center for Financial Networks and Sustainability

Center for Responsibility in Finance

Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth

To consolidate critical streams of academic research and teaching in order to effectively inform sustainable development and growth, the department, its research centers, and partners from other departments and faculties joined forces to create the Center of Competence for Sustainable Finance (CCSF), launched in January 2020. The Department of Finance and the CCSF thus contribute to University of Zurich's mission and policy with regard to sustainability. You can find more information on sustainability at UZH here.


University Teaching and Executive Education

The Department of Finance is continuously expanding its university teaching offer for students as well as its executive education program, leading eventually to a comprehensive teaching offer covering the broad field of sustainable finance. As of the fall semester 21, there is the new minor Sustainable Finance for Master's students. An overview of the courses offered in the minor can be accessed here.

The following courses provide in-depth teaching on selected aspects of sustainability and responsibility in banking and finance:


Essential courses:

The following courses deal with aspects of sustainability and responsability in selected classes:

  • Asset Pricing (Chesney)
  • Banking (Basten)
  • Banking and Finance II (Chesney, Farkas)
  • Corporate Finance I (Wagner)
  • Unternehmensberichterstattung und Corporate Governance (Wagner)


Essential courses:

The following courses cover selected aspects of sustainability and responsibility in depth:

The following courses deal with aspects of sustainability and responsability in selected classes:

  • Corporate Finance (Habib)
  • Continuous Time Quantitative Finance (Chesney)


Essential courses:

The following courses deal with aspects of sustainability and responsability in selected classes:

  • Mathematical Finance: Mathematical Finance and Derivatives (Chesney)
  • Research Seminar in Contract Theory, Banking and Money (Ongena, Rochet)

Executive Education

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study offer

Study Offer for Master Students

The document provides a detailed overview of the courses offered in the Master's minor Sustainable Finance. It also serves as an orientation for Master students who wish to deepen their knowledge in Sustainable Finance.

ESG Data

The University of Zurich offers its students and employees access to several ESG databases. The document below provides an overview and explains how to access ESG data.

Whitepaper Sustainability Research

Whitepaper Sustainability Research

More about Whitepaper Sustainability Research

Using six priority themes, Prof. Chesney and other researchers outline Switzerland's most urgent research needs in order to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ethics in finance

Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize

More about Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize

The Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize – formerly “Ethics in Finance – Robin Cosgrove Prize” – promotes greater awareness among young people throughout the world concerning the benefits of ethics in finance. It aims to encourage high-quality management of banking, insurance and financial services based on trust and integrity. 

The prestigious Moskowitz Prize is the only global award recognizing outstanding quantitative research in sustainable and responsible investing. 

DBF Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Department of Finance includes sustainability and responsability as central elements.