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News list

  • Stefan Zeisberger receives Netspar Theme Grant

    Stefan Zeisberger receives the competitive Netspar Theme Grant for the project “Understanding, measuring, and applying sustainability preferences”.

  • Thomas Puschmann wins Innovation Booster for Sustainable Finance

    Thomas Puschmann secures the Innovation Booster for "Sustainable Digital Finance," accelerating radical innovations at the intersection of sustainability and digitalization in the financial industry to address current challenges with innovative solutions.

  • Candoc Grants for Emanuela Benincasa and Winta Beyene

    Emanuela Benincasa, with her research on "The Consequences of Carbon Pricing Policy for Supply Chain Relationships," and Winta Beyene, exploring "Location-based lending heterogeneity post natural disasters," have been awarded UZH Candoc Grants by the University of Zurich.

  • How sustainable is sustainable finance? Impact evaluation and automated greenwashing detection.

    Researchers Obtain SNSF Grant to Assess Sustainable Finance

  • Macroeconomic Experiences and Households’ Decisions

    SNSF Funds Research Exploring Macroeconomic Influences on Households

  • Data Driven Financial Risk and Regulatory Reporting (DaDFiR3)

    Walter Farkas to Lead SNSF-Bridge Discovery Project on Financial Risk

  • Promoting Honesty in Business: The Role of Contemplation Questions

    Collaborative SNSF Study Investigates Honesty in Business

  • Can Economic Policy Mitigate Climate-Change?

    SNSF-Sinergia Project Explores Climate Change Mitigation